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Skin Care

Skincare for people of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Wash away dirt and oil, providing superior anti-aging benefits while regaining optimal balance of your skin. Burdock’s amazing antibacterial properties help calm and soothe your skin.
All Cannabis Beauty Defined products feature our proprietary ancient asian herbal formula that works synergistically to increase the bioavailability of our active ingredients like hemp, burdock root, and china root. Cannabis Beauty Defined Cleanser leaves your skin fresh, clean and rejuvenated. 

We take your health seriously.

Some of the most popular hemp oil products out there come in liquid form, including Kannaway Pure CBD. Our Pure CBD Liquid is a premium liquid-form hemp oil that presents the body-balancing benefits of CBD while avoiding any of the concerns around small amounts of THC. 

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Pure Gold

For the best of both worlds, Pure Gold provides the advantages of our broad spectrum hemp oil in a product that is great for everyone. .

Evolve Smartship Core

Support your successful evolutionary journey toward health and fitness with this bundle of Kannaway’s revolutionary Evolve Fitness Line. Kannaway Core luxury hemp protein powder.

3 Step Skin Care

Kannactiv™ uses a concentrated combination of Sustainable Hemp Oil and ancient asian herbal formulas to provide a naturally balanced environment, free of both excesses and deficiencies, in order to bring vitality to the skin, while maintaining a clear and healthy complexion.


Our Skin Care Products

Your daily skincare habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror, and the first key step in any quality routine is washing your face.

Burdock & Hemp Cleanser

Choosing and using the best facial cleanser for healthy, great skin sets the groundwork for a daily ritual that fortifies your skin and tunes up your complexion.

At-Home Spa Day with Cannabis Beauty Defined

As we continue to practice social distancing, many of you may be spending our workdays at home in your pajamas makeup-free (that is, until we have to jump on a Zoom conference). The good news is you now have more time to practice self-care.